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Evolution Dance Studio is a premier international dance studio. We provide a  wide variety of classes for all ages and skill levels. We provide unique experiences where students have an opportunity to grow both mentally and physically as dancers. Whether your focus is increasing your flexibility, enhancing your techniques, or just looking for an exciting and new way to workout, you can find it at Evolution Dance Studio.  The moment dancers step inside of  Evolution Dance Studio, they will experience an innovative and energetic environment that will be a safe haven for all of their dancing dreams!


Evolution Dance Studio's primary focus is to develop talent through a safe and positive creative arts environment while developing commitment from our dancers. Through the merging of music and fitness, our dancers will create magic on the dance floor. Our dance studio supports dancers in learning proper technique, achieving discipline, building self-confidence, and finding creative ways to relax, all while having fun! Our goal is to motivate individuals to be their most creative and best selves! 


Our experienced instructors have a magnitude of teaching experience with various styles and disciplines. Our end goal is to create technically proficient dancers who will develop their craft and become future artists.


Evolution Dance Studio's purpose is to develop talent through a safe and positive arts environment with creativity and commitment from our dancers. Our inspiration is helping students learn how to discover their freedom and potential through dance.

Ballerina Star


Linda Chaney is an entrepreneur and an advocator of helping people live a fulfilling life. Linda was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Linda's parents moved their family to Washington DC when she was four years old. Linda has been in the Metropolitan area and lives in Prince Georges County today.  She has a degree in Business.  In addition, Linda is one of the authors of The MLM Book Business of the 21st Century. She used to work at the United States Capitol, where she met her husband Thomas Chaney. Linda has three amazing children: Wayne, Io, and Daniel. 


Throughout her life, Linda has always used dance as an outlet and she eventually decided to turn her passion into a reality, which is how Evolution Dance Studio was founded. 


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